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Edinburgh’s Garden District aerial and plan

Edinburgh’s Garden District

Edinburgh’s Garden District (EGD) will form an important cornerstone in delivering much needed new housing for Edinburgh. It is one of the most important development projects in Scotland.

Extending to 675 acres (250 ha) the new District will deliver up to 6,500 new homes offering a mixture of housing ranges and tenures and include up to 1,700 new affordable homes. Delivered in up to 5 new villages these new homes will be located next to jobs and integrate with and develop existing infrastructure creating an exciting new community.

The new homes will be predominantly for families who wish to live in close proximity to existing employment and shops and with good accessibility and connectivity to the City. Active travel will be encouraged through existing and improved public transport, pedestrian and cycling networks. The new homes will be complemented by a mixture of supporting uses and facilities including high quality public and green spaces.

Each village will embrace sustainability principles, providing access to infrastructure that will include schools, neighbourhood centres and health facilities and will as far as possible seek to integrate with existing communities delivering inclusive growth and improved connectivity.

In June 2016 the City of Edinburgh council determined to grant planning permission for the first phase of the Garden District on the northern part of the site at Redheughs Village. That decision is now subject to ratification by the Scottish Government following being called-in

All the villages within the new district will benefit from their proximity to the Growth Corridors identified within the emerging SESplan 2 and will provide an important source of future housing for the city and broader city region, putting new homes next to jobs.