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Torrance Park Aerial

Torrance Park

Extending to 375 acres, Torrance Park is a thriving and vibrant mixed-use development lying east of Holytown and north of Newarthill in North Lanarkshire.

The Masterplan includes up to 1,700 new homes, a neighbourhood retail centre and a USGA specification 18-hole golf course. The development has 4 key elements: 

Phase 1 – Residential development of 267 units occupying 30 acres.

Phase 2 – Proposed residential development of 638 units and a 13,000 sq ft neighbourhood retail centre occupying 70 acres.

Phase 3 – Proposed residential development of 800 units occupying 80 acres.

Golf Club – USGA specification 18-hole golf course with contemporary clubhouse occupying 170 acres.