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Ratho Station aerial view

Ratho Station

Extending to 26 acres, the proposed development will form a sympathetic expansion to the east of Ratho Station and provide a carefully integrated mix of housing types, bringing new families to the village.

Phase 1 – Proposed residential development of 132 units occupying 12 acres.

Phase 2 – Proposed residential development of 140 units occupying 14 acres.


Ratho Station West – Phase 1

This carefully planned extension to the east of Ratho Station village will incorporate 132 new homes including over 30 new affordable homes. Consultation with the existing community resulted in proposals for a sympathetic expansion of the village delivering meaningful regeneration benefits.


Ratho Station East – Phase 2 

Immediately adjacent to the Phase 1 development, the Phase 2 land will complete the planned regeneration and expansion of the village and will benefit from the new access from the A8. 

A Planning Application Notice (PAN) has been lodged with the City of Edinburgh Council for up to 140 new homes.