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Edinburgh's Garden District Phase 2 - Hermiston Park

Plans for Edinburgh's Garden District Phase 2 take shape

Hermiston Park

Murray Estates proposals for  Hermiston Park will form the next important step in the  development and evolution of Edinburgh's Garden District. The proposals will form a low impact and sustainable addition to Phase 1 at Redheughs Village. Incorporating multi modal transport links  and incorporating such features as a "Green land bridge" to enhance green connectivity between existing communities in West Edinburgh and Heriot Watt University. Hermiston  Park will deliver  an important addition to much needed housing in Edinburgh  with over 1400 new affordable homes in one of the most sustainable sites in Scotland.

The Hermiston Park proposal can provide:

*  Over 4000 new homes 

*  Deliver new 35% affordable housing standard

*  Achieve  target housing densities

* New homes next to jobs

* New sustainable transport connections

* Better sustainable  and economic connections to existing communities on the cities western edge

*  Mixed use amenity in terms of employment, community, health and sports facilities.

*  New schools with the opportunity for synergies with Heriot Watt University.

*  Opportunities to deliver  complementary development to the University's Research Park to stimulate Economic Potential.

* A vibrant, mixed use place that will enhance the western edge of the city with low level impact on existing communities.

* An opportunity  for inclusive growth where  everyone has a chance to share in  the benefits of making a better, more attractive, place