New Torrance Park Golf Clubhouse construction starts. January 2016

The new £1.5m golf Clubhouse has started on site.  Contractors McLaughlin & Harvey have commenced work on the new golf club house at Torrance Park. Sitting alongside the new housing development, the clubhouse will be a welcome addition to the burgeoning club membership as well as a welcome facility for the new community being built at Torrance Park.

Club Manager Danny Welsh commented: "This is a very exciting time for the staff, members and all involved at Torrance Park. The course has gone from strength to strength since its opening in 2009, and the imminent arrival of the clubhouse is the final piece of the jigsaw. Not only will it significantly enhance the facilities at the Club and help us achieve our aim of becoming the premiere golf location in North Lanarkshire, but will bring some new jobs and create a new social hub for the local area"

Clubhouse floorplan

Clubhouse floorplan.

Clubhouse elevation

Clubhouse elevations.

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